Pickleball, Skate Parks + More: The Plans to Revitalize Public Space in DC’s Capitol Riverfront

A new effort on the boards in DC’s Capitol Riverfront aims to make good use of some underutilized public space in the neighborhood. 

A rendering of the proposal for the 2nd Street underpass.

The Underpass and Virginia Avenue Public Space Vision Plan, spearheaded by the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, proposes a variety of changes, particularly to the 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 7th Street, 8th Street and New Jersey Avenue underpasses along I-695. 

While projects in the proposal are largely comprised of aesthetic changes and art installations, such as a cultural storytelling mural along the 4th Street underpass, others are more ambitious. The plan for the 2nd Street underpass calls for a basketball court, pickleball courts with stadium seating, a skate park, a stage for community events and an inviting entryway into Garfield Park. 

Other aspects in the proposal include three-dimensional windmill-powered sculptures, solar panels, updated stormwater management systems, freeway sound barriers, LED light art, bike paths, a bicycle repair station, playground equipment and an opportunity for urban farming. 


Author: edESTESdesign

Ed is an Architectural Design Management Consultant, as well as, a Graphic and Web Designer. Ed combines all of these services to form the firm Ed Estes Designs which provides a wide variety of design and multimedia solutions for your business.

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