Gensler Unveils Massive Redevelopment Scheme of Cleveland’s Historic Avon Lake Power Plant

Gensler, in partnership with Avon Lake Environmental Redevelopment Group (ALERG), the City of Avon Lake, and Avison Young, has presented initial redevelopment plans for the environmental remediation and sustainable redevelopment of the historic Avon Lake Generating Station in Avon Lake, Ohio. The redevelopment scheme will serve as an opportunity to reframe the former coal-fired powerplant site into a regional attraction while restoring the lakefront ecosystem.

The master plan covers 40 acres of real estate along the shores of Lake Erie, consisting of the coal-fired generating station, submerged lands lease, substation/switch gear and transformers, administrative offices and structures, coal rail, and storage yard parcels south of Lake Road. The entire team has been planning for the future of the site, ensuring that the property will benefit all members of the community, drive economic impact, and create new job opportunities, all while sustainably redeveloping the site for the betterment of the environment.

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